A daily Advent Calendar recorded in December 2014.

"I was hung up on the countdown to Christmas Eve, my favourite day of the year. 

Christmas died the moment I saw the presents under the tree. " 

Having long fallen out of love with Christmas, Daniel Ruiz Tizon embarks upon a search for the Christmas spirit that has eluded him for the second half of his life. Exploring the ghosts of Christmas past in search of answers as to why he became so estranged from Christmas, Daniel counts down to Christmas Eve, a day that obsessed him as a child, and looks to see if he can rediscover what the festive period once meant to him.

Can one man ever love Christmas again?

In 24 daily episodes Daniel explores what Christmas is, what it has been, and what he'd like it to be. 

He looks back on his most memorable Christmases - the fateful trip to see Father Christmas at Morley's in '77, the experimental non-wrapped presents of '76, and his dad's refusal to celebrate Christmas from '81 onwards. 

Daniel Ruiz Tizon’s Advent Calender is a Hold Fast Network Production.

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