The Café Chronicles Ep 10

(10/10) - The Nod

Daniel Ruiz Tizon returns with a brand new series, presenting daily missives from the South Lambeth Portuguese café he has holed himself up in since the summer of 2001. As the gentrification sweeping through Nine Elms and Vauxhall accelerates, The Café Chronicles documents the characters and community threatened by these changes.

It’s a world of tobacco, discarded chicken bones, faded denim, easily slighted personalities, exaggerated Mediterranean gesticulations and coffee, the glue that holds the old community together.

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A ‘nod’ introduced into his prayers by an old teacher continues to cause Daniel problems, but its presence may have inadvertently led to a thawing out of the frosty relations between our host and the new waiter.

Last in the series.

Written and presented by Daniel Ruiz Tizon.