Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available BUMPER Christmas Annual 2016 Ep 159

Friday 23 December 2016

Daniel Ruiz Tizon, a man on his fifth nose, is, he’d like the world to know, Available, and dissecting the minutiae of everyday life.

It is the BUMPER CHRISTMAS ANNUAL 2016 and in today’s festive special, our little-heard host looks back at a week that’s involved a couple of trips to A & E. and discusses a legendary comics editor of his childhood. Daniel also tells the story of the  ‘The Fonzie of Christmas 2009’ – a time that saw the man with the cosmetically enhanced nose occupy the next desk to the most popular colleague he’s ever worked with.

There’s Wogan v Dawson – who was the greatest ever Blankety Blank host? A controversial Twitter poll that might mark Daniel out as the unnecessary risk-taking David Cameron of 70s and 80s light entertainment. And there’s a festive visit to the café where a new waiter is complicating orders.

All of which is underpinned by ‘Channel Christmas’, the 24-hour Christmas Eve-only channel where listeners choose the schedule.

It’s a Christmas podcast that’s likely to live long in the memory. Well, for so long as the limited bandwidth allows.

Merry Christmas to all listeners.

Running time: 02h11

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