Channel Christmas 2017 - Get your submissions in

It's that time of year where I ask listeners to submit their programme/film suggestions for the annual Christmas Eve-only channel, Channel Christmas, that first debuted in the 2014 Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available Bumper Christmas Annual.

DRT Xmas.jpg

Your submissions can be drama, comedy, animation, something with a festive feel you'd like to see on the Channel. I need the running time, the year the show was made and your preferred Christmas Eve time slot. And if you can, let listeners know why you feel this selection would grace Channel Christmas.

Submissions either via mail Available

Or via Twitter: #ChannelChristmas @1607WestEgg

And below is the full listing for last year's Channel Christmas

Midnight – The Legend of Hell House from Stuart

01:35am – Single Santa meets Mrs Claus – David W Poole

03:11 – Number 13 – MR James by ex Kid Cop child star Danny J Smith. Now thought to be some lowly podcaster.

03:50 – 4:20 – the 1985 Fresh Field Christmas Special – A Dickens of A Christmas – submitted by ITV fan The Chin.

04:20 – 5AM - Porridge 1975 Xmas special – by Micky Boyd who curated last year’s Channel Christmas

5am – a two hour Steve Walsh block.

Begins with The Snowman.

5:30am – Father Christmas

06:00am – How the Grinch Stole Christmas

06:30am – A Charlie Brown Christmas

07:00am – 0830am – Suede shoed Billy Two Rivers 9 gives us Brave Little Toaster

08:30am – Rug Rats – The Santa Experience – the first of a double bill submitted by the still living at home half man, The Kid.

09:05 – Pinky and the Brain Christmas – the second of the Kid’s 90s cartoon double bill

09:23 – Some Christmas music. The official video for East 17’s Stay Another Day, their moving 1994 Christmas song.

09:28ish – Me and my bouffant telling you what’s coming up the rest of the day on the channel.

09:30 – 10:30am – Only Fools and Horses Christmas Special – Time On our Hands – nominated by Sandra.

10:30 – 11:30am – The World’s Strongest Man – a joint submission from Steve Walsh and Paul S Davies

11:30 – 12:30 pm – California Fever, submitted by Bark Pamphlet

12:30pm – Top of the Pops 1987 Christmas special – Chrissie Plummer

13:30 – Bernard and the Genie – Drink Me for free

14:37 – 15:00hrs – a Tom and Jerry triple bill, which includes a Christmas episode.

15:00 – 17:00hrs – Nectar Points King Paul S Davies with a ruinous for the schedules film, You’ve Got Mail.

17:00 hrs – West Wing – a festive episode from the show’s second year – that’s from Nick Bryan.

18:00 – 18:55hrs – The World at War – Pete Domican – Operation Barbosa

18:55hrs – a 5 minute Johan Cruyff montage

19:00hrs - The Good Life Christmas Special . 1977 – from Crimson Avenger

19:30 – 20:15 – The Likely Lads 1974 Christmas Special from Stuart

20:15 – Steptoe and Son Christmas Special – also from 1974. From Micky Boyd. Its 42 minutes running time caused us some scheduling problems which were filled up with the toilet seat papering attempts myself and Micky make in 2010 in both SW8 and SW1. They can be found here at

21:00 – Atlanta – Jon Horsley

21:30 – It’s A Wonderful Life - Charne

23:40 – A silent film. The Laurel and Hardy Christmas short – Big Business.