Andy's Barbershop - Landor Road SW9

At the end of the year, Andy, the local barber, will finally retire after 50 years of cutting hair from the same barbershop on Landor Road, Clapham North, where I grew up. Every guy I knew back in the day in my neighbourhood, father and son, regardless of ethnicity, had their cut by Andy. 

Next week, I will be recording a Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available podcast only special with Andy, looking at his fifty years in the area. His recollections from that time, how the area has changed, his memories of customers now long gone and the rise of specialist barbershops that were just not around for certainly the first three decades of Andy's time cutting the hair of SW9 and beyond. His departure is likely to be the biggest individual loss to the area since Harry Jacobs legendary photographic studio closed in the early noughties. 

If you ever had your hair cut by Andy and you would like to share your memories of that on the show, or if you'd like to ask him a question, do get in touch.