'Me! Me! Me!' My book, available to buy on Amazon

A reminder that my book 'Me! Me! Me!' is available on Amazon.

Here are some of the reviews it's had.

“A special treat for introverts.”

“If you don't laugh at his proposals for staff toilets then you're a miserable bastard.”

“Short bursts of OCD-fuelled insights from a 40-something who’s had more temp jobs than anyone should have to suffer.”

“Great read with a number of hilariously funny stories based on a number of uncomfortable situations.”

“The more I think about it, the more satisfying I found this book.”

“It's a great book, full of humanity, and a must read for every introvert in the world.”

“Loved this from start to finish.”

“Am barely halfway through this book and already love it so much that I'm googling the author and hunting for more of his work. It's so so funny. A real delight to read.”

“Something of an uncomfortable pleasure, like getting a handjob from a clown.”

“Well observed and very funny, this selection of essays expertly picks apart life.”

“This emotive collection of short stories serves as a guide to a London not too many know, Daniel brings it all to life. In a detailed, emotive and very humourous way.”

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Me! Me! Me!
By Daniel Ruiz Tizon