What they're saying about "Me! Me! Me!"

What they're saying about "Me! Me! Me!"

"Like getting a handjob from a clown."

"Daniel's hilarious concept for the modern office toilets must be implemented now!"

"His take on the tyranny of leaving cards, presents and associated office-based events is long overdue, much-needed therapy. A special treat for introverts."

"Wry, sincere, well observed and very funny."

"Very funny.  A must read."

"This emotive collection of short stories serves as a guide to a London not too many know, Daniel brings it all to life. In a detailed, emotive and very humourous way."

"A brilliant, touching, laugh out loud look at life. You don't get more joy for £2 anywhere else."


Me! Me! Me! Available on Amazon, £1.99