Please donate to this website and support my friend Neil

If you're a regular visitor to this website, or a listener, you'll be aware of my oldest friend Neil's battle with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. To put it bluntly, if Neil, a father of 4, doesn't get urgent stem cell treatment in Israel NOW, he will not survive and the money his family and friends are raising to get him to Israel will instead go towards palliative care at home and making Neil as comfortable as possible. That's not an easy thing for any of those who know Neil to contemplate.

If you enjoy my work, perhaps you'd consider making a donation via the Paypal link below. After Paypal take their cut, I will transfer what's left of every donation to Neil's family. There are almost 500 podcasts and radio shows on here, some of the best audio work in the UK if I may blow my own trumpet. Make a donation and download away.

Thank you.

Alternatively, you can make a direct donation to Neil's Go Fund Me page here:  Get Neil Walking