BRAND NEW Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available - Ep 202 Thurs 17 Oct 2019

Daniel Ruiz Tizon, a man on his fifth nose, is, he’d like the world to know, Available (after 22 months), and dissecting the minutiae of everyday life.

This week, Daniel weighs his aunt, speaks of his love for porridge and offers listeners the chance to be his temporary Next of Kin.

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BalDcASt - for the bald and the beautiful

Bald since 1995, Micky Boyd, baldcaster, looks at the hairstyles he would’ve loved to have had that genetics cruelly denied him.

All 13 episodes of the podcast, produced by me, can be found on Twitter and the Facebook page.

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Here’s a taster from Micky’s BalDcASt series.

Ep 12 sees Micky eulogise Roger Daltrey’s hair over the last half century. You’ll note they’re very short shows. Micky, as his fans will recall, is a busy man.

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The Café Chronicles - Brand new daily comedy series begins on Resonance 104.4 FM, Monday 6 August

From Monday 6 August at 10am, repeated at 6:30pm, and running every weekday until Friday 17 August, I'll be presenting daily 5-minute missives from the South Lambeth Portuguese café I've holed myself up in since the summer of 2001. As the gentrification sweeping through Nine Elms and Vauxhall accelerates, The Café Chronicles documents the characters and community threatened by these changes.

It’s a world of tobacco, discarded chicken bones, faded denim, easily slighted personalities, exaggerated Mediterranean gesticulations and coffee, the glue that holds the old community together and you can hear the 10-part series only on Resonance 104.4 FM.

The show's 10 episodes will also be repeated as a 50-minute Omnibus edition at 10am on Sunday 19 August.

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