It started with Sabotage Times

Thank you those of you who have shared or retweeted links to my new eBook, Me! Me! Me! As always, your support is much appreciated.

Spanning missives written across five years, Me! Me! Me! was borne out of a series of enjoyable columns I wrote for James Brown's Sabotage Times when it launched in the spring of 2010. Matt Weiner, my old commissioning editor from Four Four Two during my days as a freelance football journalist had contacted me asking me if I would be interested in writing for the site. By then, my comedy work was being commissioned by a number of television broadcasters and Matt suggested I should write pieces similar to some of the more off-beat interviews I'd done with the likes of Alan Hansen, Les Ferdinand and Terry Venables back in the day for Four Four Two. I was less sure than Matt that I could do so successfully, but encouraged by him, I wrote quite a few pieces for Sabotage Times that spring and summer and the type of work I was turning out persauded me to move into podcasting and stand up within months. Writing for Sabotage Times took my work off in a completely different direction.

A few of those early Sabotage Times pieces are reworked here in Me! Me! Me!, much the same way James Brown (the singer) would rework his own material so that it could be argued there is no any one definitive version of his great songs.

And Me! Me! Me! is available on Amazon for £1.99.

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