Tweet Your Toast

Regular readers/listeners will know poor butter coverage on toast, even sandwiches, is something of a long-standing bugbear of mine. I don't see any reason for the corners and curves of your slices to be dry. Few things disappoint me as much as dry toast in the morning. This month I have been tweeting regular shots and analysis of my morning toast and asking people to tweet me their pictures of their own toast, so I can see what kind of butter coverage they're getting.

Below are some toast shots of what I've received so far. If you'd like to tweet me a shot of your own toast in the mornings, you can tweet me @1607WestEgg    #TweetYourToast

A shot of my own toast this morning. Decent butter coverage until I got to the final slice which was a little patchy.

Portuguese Toast, as big a part of SW8 as tobacco, CHICKEN, custard tarts and coffee.

This flamboyant entry is from Ireland's @curtainqueen. She tweeted: This is my (french) toast. No butter, I go straight for lemon & sugar. #TweetYourToast

Impressive butter coverage from @steevbishop whose enthusiasm for my podcast last winter single-handedly kept it going through those cold months. Steve tweets: Having toast especially for @1607WestEgg’s #TweetYourToast. Always try to get full spread coverage.

I once tried to get @katchapman on my podcast. I failed. Several years later, I did manage to get her to #TweetYourToast. She tweets: "For me it has to be real butter, has to be completely melted, and has to go to the edges. I favour a Polish half-rye half-wheat loaf."

Want to see your toast here?

All you have to do is tweet me @1607WestEgg  #TweetYourToast