Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available Episode 14

4 February 2013    

Adenoid Face

An otherwise good podcast review leads Daniel to the doctor’s to discuss further rhinoplasty and mulling over whether he has the classic “Adenoid Face”, while the lovely Mr William Stafford makes his Available debut with a crotch-busting tale of woe.

Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available Episode 12

21 January 2013         

Unconvincing Snowmen, Murakami on Gatsby, Throat Infection, SW8

This week, Snowmen on Clapham Common, Murakami on writing and Gatsby, we delve deeper into the reasons for The Kid's throat infection, and a grim week in Vauxhall SW8 in the wake of the tragic helicopter crash.

Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available Episode 10

7 January 2013       

The Return of Future Me

This week's resolutions-free show sees Daniel discuss a disappointing haircut to open the new year with, and fantasise about driving the elderly around. There's also the return of serial nose picker, Future Me.

Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available Episode 9

31 December 2012      

For You Alfredo Rampi

Daniel ponders how different his life might have been had he known how to dance and bought free range eggs.  Includes Things the Kid Said, A to Z and another feature unlikely to take off, Things That Could Be Improved. 

Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available Episode 8

24 Dec 2012      

Christmas Special ft. Dr Chin

In a specially extended Christmas special, Daniel is joined by a surprise guest and in a race against time, tries to find an anti-Christmas gesture for Pete in Gesture Trader. Meanwhile, this week’s A to Z of Me and My Dad transports us back to Christmas 1980, Daniel talks about his new GP and quashes the Kid’s efforts to get his number.

Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available Episode 7

17 December 2012

Too Late for Two Rivers

This week, the spectacularly unsuccessful search for an anti-Christmas gesture for listeners Pete and Victoria continues in Gesture Trader, while the Kid's sartorial advice comes too late to save Two Rivers from attending his work's Christmas do in his Next 2005 Summer season range tan shoes, and there's the welcome return of The A to Z of Me and My Dad.

Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available Episode 5

3 December 2012

The not so private compliment, Stockwell Soothsayer, Gesture Trader

This week, Daniel finds a private compliment paid to the Kid is not so private, tries to iron out the flaws in Gesture Trader, and tells us about the Stockwell Soothsayer, whose wholly inaccurate death predictions had much of SW9 fearing for their lives.


Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available Episode 4

26 November 2012

Things the Kid Said, Gesture Trader, The Beard, Lockets

This week, in addition to disputing The Kid’s assertion that they have struck up a rapport and persisting with his unconvincing beard, Daniel launches Gesture Trader, a forum where listeners can trade gestures and affectations. Do you have an action, a movement, that you think you’ve taken as far as you can? What kind of gesture are you looking to replace it with? Gesture Trader could be just what you’re looking for.

Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available Episode 3

19 November 2012

Handshake Rehabilitation, Doorless bedroom, P for Passport

This week, Daniel takes heart from a week slowly rebuilding his handshaking technique after last week’s weak flesh-pressing, while a listener regales the show with a bizarre tale of viewing a flat with a door less bedroom and naked pictures of other men. Meanwhile, it’s the letter 'P' for Passport in this week’s A to Z of Me and My Dad.

Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available Episode 1

5 November 2012

Skrtel mouth, Introducing 'The Kid', A to Z of Me and My Dad

Daniel is back with a new show.

This week, Daniel tries to work out how it is a man fifteen years younger than him came to think it was okay to tell Daniel about his sexploits. Meanwhile, in The A to Z of Me and My Dad, in which he uses the alphabet to explore his relationship with his dad, Daniel goes back to 1989 to look at the letter N.