Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available Episode 76 Resonance FM S2 E10

17 November 2014

The glass is tall


Daniel Ruiz Tizon, a man on his fifth nose, is, he’d like the world to know, Available, and dissecting the minutiae of everyday life.

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On this week’s show, news that a woman has saved a man’s life on a first date sees Daniel recall the time when whilst on a date himself he went to a woman’s aid after an accident only to see the event cast an unfavourable light on his OCD’s. There’s his latest Nectar points update, a visit to the café where Daniel wonders whether another of the café’s Silver Age waiters has quit, while Polly thinks boxing might be the way to toughen up Daniel’s imaginary son. And there’s the latest SW8 Beer Dump. Can Kestrel Super (sharing can size) be stopped?

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Engineer: Chris Dixon

Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available Episode 30

1 July 2013          

The Brace Period 3

This week, Daniel suggests an Intermediate Range of food for those slowly pulling themselves out of financial trouble before they move onto proper food again, SW8’s “Fone Doctor” is away, there’s a Future Me sighting, more Early Man questions and Prince of the Narcissists - The Kid - fails to make the most of a romantic rain sodden night out with his lady.


Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available Episode 29

24 June 2013    

The Brace Period 2

This week, Daniel finds himself sidelined as The Kid makes a new friend that’s even older than the South London Latte Ponce. There’s also hairdressing tips for the middle aged, some high calibre Nectar Points accrual, South London facts that can’t be verified, and more tales from Little Portugal and the SW8 café involving Veteran Waitress and favourites, The Chin Fissures.

Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available Episode 12

21 January 2013         

Unconvincing Snowmen, Murakami on Gatsby, Throat Infection, SW8

This week, Snowmen on Clapham Common, Murakami on writing and Gatsby, we delve deeper into the reasons for The Kid's throat infection, and a grim week in Vauxhall SW8 in the wake of the tragic helicopter crash.