The Letter: People, Places, Loved and Lost - Episode 1: The Cafe

23 October 2013

(1/6) The Cafe

Each week, south London writer and comedian Daniel Ruiz Tizon, a man with a financially crippling latte addiction, writes a letter to people and places, loved and lost.

Comprised of six interlinking episodes, The Letter is an elegy for Daniel’s past.

Each instalment sees Daniel interviewed by a mysterious, often different, American talk show host. Gradually, as the weeks unfold, the events that led to Daniel’s life unravelling in a Pimlico hotel in Christmas 2010 all fall into place and the identities of his enigmatic interlocutors are finally revealed.

Daniel writes to the South Lambeth Road café that is the enduring relationship of his peripatetic life. What is it about the café that has kept Daniel coming back when everything in his life, including his reshaped nose, has changed beyond all recognition?

Written and directed by Daniel Ruiz Tizon
With Pippa Winslow and Sarah Sumeray
And Daniel Ruiz Tizon as Himself