Please Don't Hug Me 2

Growing old and they don't like it

12 August 2010

Daniel moves into 'Room 11', Micky's new varicose vein, tiny shower rooms & thieving maids

Please Don't Hug Me is written and produced by TV writer, comedian, Sabotage Times columnist, sometime football journalist and all too often temporary office worker, Daniel Ruiz Tizon. He is joined every week by old school friend and 1980s school sprint champion Micky Boyd, who still believes in him. Each blames the other for the 13-year break in their friendship from 1990 to 2003.

This week, PDHM comes from Room 11 of an SW1 hotel, Daniel's new temporary abode, where he and Mick discuss, among other things, Micky's new varicose vein, Daniel's tiny shower room, when the maids will begin to steal Daniel's belongings and mannerisms that the pair have appropriated and made their own. Also featuring Facilities Management Officer Simon Bruce and Wowser, who is struggling with a sweaty work chair.

With Brooks Livermore