Please Don't Hug Me 3

Growing old and they don't like it

18 August 2010

Net Curtains, The Paul Weller 80s wedge, putting new partners' names on cards,ATM etiquette

Please Don't Hug Me is written and produced by TV writer, comedian, Sabotage Times columnist, sometime football journalist and all too often temporary office worker, Daniel Ruiz Tizon. He is joined every week by old school friend and 1980s school sprint champion Micky Boyd, who still believes in him. Each blames the other for the 13-year break in their friendship from 1990 to 2003.

This week, the disaffected South London duo discuss Net curtains, hairstyles Micky would love to have had, the consequences of not putting a new partner's name on a greeting card and ATM etiquette.