Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available Brixton Special reviewed on Microgroove 33

1 October 2015

By Bill Hicks

So, you've read the Standard….well, here's a different perspective of life on Brixton's Angell Town Estate

If you're hooked on the Evening Standard's week long series of "hard-hitting" articles on life (and death) in Brixton's Angell Town estate, I'd like to recommend some further reading….well, in this case, further listening.

Two weeks before the Standard started publishing David Cohen's vivid and highly dramatic despatches from this low-rise, 1970s estate just north of Brixton town centre,  the south-west London born-and-bred writer and broadcaster  Daniel Ruiz Tizon posted an hour-long interview with  an old friend of his - Mitchell - about his life in Angell Town. Mitchell, who moved to Angell Town as a kid, from very cramped accommodation in Battersea, gives an entirely different perspective. He loved the place, and still does.

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