The Letter - more reviews

Nick Bryan

Daniel Ruiz Tizon, South London’s master of darkly comic melancholy, seems to have put his Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available podcast on hiatus for now. However, he did also write and star in The Letter for Resonance FM, a tragicomic series of monologues that distilled the best of his recent work into a single run. If you’ve never tried his stuff before, this is definitely the one to go for, and if the end of his regular show means more work like The Letter, I will have to grin and bear it.


Daniel’s overthinking analysis of social situations and brutally revealing detailing of his life’s struggles and mental fragility have been part of my twitter feed for years. his “please don’t hug me” podcast is one of my main inspirations for starting a show of my own which feels woefully poor next to any of his podcasting output. recently he wrote this show for resonance fm, detailing his story through a series of letters to significant people and places in his life. billed as a comedy show, the letter is so much more than that – poignant, emotionally honest, loving and neurotic. still available on the show’s blog, listen to this before it gets lost.