Please Don't Hug Me 51 - Part 1: Unseen Video Footage from the aborted show

November 2011

Please Don't Hug Me is written, produced and co- presented by TV writer, podcaster/broadcaster and comedian, Daniel Ruiz Tizon, a man who spent the nineties convinced he was one half of Tears For Fears. With him every week is his old school friend and 1980s sprint champion, Micky Boyd, a London cabbie and motor mouth with a 1970s retro body.

Now, for the first time, you can see the infamous, aborted episodes, never before aired, featuring the unhinged Dr Chin, recorded in November 2011.
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Toilet Seat Papering SW8

July 2010

Please Don't Hug Me is the brainchild of TV writer, comedian, Sabotage Times columnist, sometime football journalist and all too often temporary office worker, Daniel Ruiz Tizon. He is occasionally joined by friend and 1980s school sprint champion Micky Boyd, who still believes in him.