#5fifty5 Medium Strength Handshake is the target

My handshake is a medium strength handshake. I don't claim it to be any more than that. When I’m up against the bone crushing handshakes, I just need to make sure that mine isn’t the weakest handshake they’ve had in a while. That’s the target I set myself. I don’t want my handshake standing out for the wrong reasons. So long as you’re not remembered for a weak handshake, that’s good.

A weak handshake is never good and I know a surprising number of what I would regard as formidable guys who have awful handshakes. It seems to be something of a lost art these days, relegated to a sideshow as the awful fist bump and man hug fight for centre stage.

I think if real tough guys were to reflect on the handshakes they’d had with me, they wouldn’t have an issue with it. They’d probably conclude, “Well, at least he tried.”

I'm okay with that.