BRAND NEW Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available - Ep 201

Daniel Ruiz Tizon, a man on his fifth nose, is, he’d like the world to know, Available (after 22 months), and dissecting the minutiae of everyday life.

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This version of the show is 36 mins long.

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28th and 29th Sept at Chapel Playhouse, King's Cross - two performances of my short comedy play

Introducing the cast of my short comedy play 'Soft Close', being performed at Chapel Playhouse in King's Cross on 28th and 29th September.

Directed by Ella Gamble and performed by Flora Sowerby, Maxine Howard, Cameron Butterwick & Anthony Marulanda-Carter.

Tickets can be purchased here:

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Latest from the YouTube channel

A small selection of the 225+ videos now up on my YouTube channel.

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The Writer's Life – ‘The Solo Curse’

The loss of my original Solo doll in ‘83 led to an epic search all over London for a replacement.

The Writer’s Life – ‘Ensemble Step Up’

My lifelong fascination with TV shows trying to overcome the loss of their main star.

The Writer’s Life – ‘The Street Greeting’

A look back at the one and only time I ever went in for the loud street greeting.

The Writer's Life – ‘Curious, for a First Conversation’

Wednesday morning.

The Writer's Life – ‘True Crime’

Dog owners discovering bodies and why Jeremy Beadle’s beard held him back from being a great prankster.

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Nine Years Ago this week...

Nine years ago this week, I launched the Please Don't Hug Me podcast with Micky Boyd. It was hard going in terms of having to learn how to edit and most of those early shows were recorded from the hotel I was living in for almost half a year. 500 podcast and radio shows later, I can look back and say that apart from the live Resonance FM era of Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available, the early Please Don't Hug Me episodes were probably the most fun I've had making a podcast.

So many people are making podcasts now which is great, but so many underestimate just how much work it takes to put them together which is why after a few weeks, even shows by big names can be intermittent. It's a lot of work which is why I stopped making them so that I could focus on more important projects, but I'll always look back with affection at the early Please Don't Hug Me episodes, even with all its Micky-heavy features, The Boydie Beautiful, Ask Boydie, etc and let's not forget, the hugely competitive Toilet Bingo.

We were fortunate to have some good co-presenters on board too. Stuart Armstrong, Roisin Rae, Clay Lowe, Brooks Livermore, Fiona Hardingham, John Rain, Alan Mitchell, The Chin (who wrecked episodes 51 and 52 which never aired). We had Grant Static behind the artwork and a memorable theme tune from the brilliant and lamented by me Keyboard Choir.

I hope I haven't forgotten anyone.

It was all new and exciting and a big learning curve. And of course, though it was a tiny audience, we had some brilliant and very funny listeners who bought into whatever it was we were trying to do and became a big part of the show. As much as they might’ve looked forward to Thursdays for the next PDHM episode, we looked forward to hearing from them.

All 55 episodes are available here on this website.

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Café regular passes away

A moment of sadness today in the café as a poster announcing the death of a longtime regular went up behind the bar. The (Portuguese) man looked terribly ill when I last him in the café last month. He was with either two of his daughters or grand daughters and he caught me briefly glancing at him as I noted his alarming decline.

Some years ago, he'd got a new job that saw him working with some English guys. I think it was as a road sweeper and every morning he'd turn up in the café with this guy, Alan, who was almost an entire picnic short of a picnic. Alan was a dead ringer for Bruce Forsythe, even sounded the same, and it quickly became evident to us regulars he wasn't the full ticket. The now deceased Portuguese man, like many in that older Iberian community, and despite decades here in London, had terrible English, but the two formed a close bond that was nice to see and you could tell the deceased had warmed to his eccentric colleague.

It's a long-established tradition in the café that if a regular dies, the poster along with details of the funeral goes up behind the bar. If I wasn't so reserved in there, and assuming the café survives the onslaught of gentrification in SW8, when my time is up, I think I'd be a certainty to have my picture go up behind the bar. I don't know about the funeral details. I have no plans to pay for mine. As long as I get admission into the AFTERLIFE, I'm not too fussed what happens. Given attendance to my funeral is likely to be poor, it's not something I lose much sleep over.

I hope the newly deceased finds the coffee in the AFTERLIFE is every bit as good as it is in the café.


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Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available highlights

Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available S2 E14 live on Resonance - The Winter Massage fails to allow enough time for long johns removal.

From Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available Bumper Christmas Annual 2014 on Resonance FM

A festive visit to see my aunt Spanish Kanu and my uncle.

Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available, S2 Resonance FM

Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available S2 Resonance FM 'The Hat'.

Prospective hat excessively manhandled by shop staff.

Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available - S3 Resonance FM

South London has lost its belly.

Bibi Does Soho

Discussing great women's hairstyles I'd like to have had by myself and finding my flow cut down as madcap host Bibi Lynch says a certain naughty word live on air...

Bibi Does Soho, November 2018
Bibi Lynch learns about the toilet table.

Bibi Does Soho

The Café greetings.

A Nectar Points update from S1 of Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available on Resonance FM.

Why summer makes us all equal.

Recalling the dull summer of 2013.

No recognition for Merton on 'Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available'.

From S2 E13 of Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available live on @resonancefm

Plastic surgery on show on the streets of SW8. Cosmetically Enhanced mum's ever changing face.

Pic: YouTube

Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available, Resonance FM S1 E19

My dad was disappointed his distinctive signature was never acknowledged by my form tutor whenever he signed my school journal.

Part 2 of 'The Signature' from Daniel Ruiz Tizon is Available, S1 E19.

My dad was disappointed his distinctive signature was never acknowledged by my form tutor whenever he signed my school journal.

BalDcASt - for the bald and the beautiful

Bald since 1995, Micky Boyd, baldcaster, looks at the hairstyles he would’ve loved to have had that genetics cruelly denied him.

All 13 episodes of the podcast, produced by me, can be found on Twitter and the Facebook page.

Baldcast quartet small.jpg

Here’s a taster from Micky’s BalDcASt series.

Ep 12 sees Micky eulogise Roger Daltrey’s hair over the last half century. You’ll note they’re very short shows. Micky, as his fans will recall, is a busy man.

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